March 8

Welcome to our new member site


We needed a place to publish content that could be separated between the public and clients or practitioners. We needed a membership site where we can publish a range of content, including  premium content for our Australian and New Zealand members. 

We intend from time to time to publish content that is publicly accessible or free for registered members. We may also decide at a later date to provide content on a subscription basis. Currently, however, we are working on publishing addon online courses for existing qualified Metabolic Balance practitioners that augments their existing knowledge and training, e.g. applying MB to a specific classifications of client, 

If you want to access restricted content you will need to register for an account, but please note that you will need to provide your plan number as a client or your practitioner number as a practitioner to access corresponding restricted content. These numbers are manually checked to match your name/email before access is granted to client/practitioner content areas. Once granted you will have access to view restricted content and to purchase premium content specific to you. 

Please note that some articles published on this blog have been relocated from


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