Boost Your Clientele: Discover How Metabolic Balance Elevates Athlete Performance!

This course will assist qualified Metabolic Balance practitioners to successfully guide athletic clients through the Metabolic Balance program.

Expand your client base by mastering the adaptation of Metabolic Balance for athletes. Elevate your support for exercise enthusiasts and athletes with specialised Metabolic Balance techniques!

There are many athletes looking for help but this niche isn't quite your niche! This is frustrating for both the potential client and you. Whilst they are struggling to find the help they need, you don't feel sufficiently equipped to step up and support them with Metabolic Balance.

There are a very large number of people in Australia and New Zealand who spend a significant amount of their time participating in sport. This includes a significant percentage who compete and take their sport health very seriously. 

There is a large number of these athletes who suffer in many ways with their health as their current knowledge is geared almost exclusively to short term performance and not long term health. 

Metabolic Balance is highly adaptable and ideally suited for helping these client. But even if you are a highly experienced MB practitioner supporting athletes requires adapting the plan, which isn't obvious.

The solution is here. Learn all you need to help these type of clients . As a result you will have a much larger pool of prospects and your business has a greater opportunity to grow. 

We all know if we want to continue to help people, we must have a business with sufficient income to cover our costs and to continually invest and grow. 

The knowledge and skills you gain from taking this course gives you access to this opportunity to do just that. 

Metabolic BalanceĀ® for Athletes

This course will assist qualified Metabolic Balance practitioners to guide athletic clients through Metabolic Balance.

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Course Access

The course is structured with 20 lessons across 7 modules. You get instant access to all the lessons and are able to move around as you wish, although going in order is recommended.

Multiple additional resources

The course includes suggested workflows, workbooks and case studies, together with extra information and tools to help you move from study to implementation with your clients.

Keep track of your progress

No need to rush. The course requires you to be logged in and will keep track of your progress. You can always come back and revisit any lesson at any time. Please see this course as the essential resource you need over the coming months and years of supporting athletes in your practice.

Covers knowledge and skills

This course covers how MB helps athletes, why it helps, what to do and how to adapt MB to the best interests of your clients and their health goals. Everything you need as a qualified MB Practitioner to understand and implement this exciting client niche into your practice. 

About The Course Teacher,
(Katie King)

This course was prepared by nutritionist Katie King and is fully approved by Cherry Wills, CEO of Metabolic Balance Australia and New Zealand.

Katie holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) and has been a certified Metabolic Balance coach since 2017. Her interest in taking athletes through Metabolic Balance stems from her own personal interest in ultra trail running and marathon running. She has been guiding athletes through Metabolic Balance since 2018 and has a replicable system for adapting plans to suit athletic lifestyles. In this course, you will learn from Katie exactly how to take any athlete through Metabolic Balance with excellent results.

How many clients do you need to see to get your investment back?

You all know how much you charge your clients for delivering Metabolic Balance. Given the cost of the plan, the cost of your time and other operating costs you should be making at least $1000 per client. This obviously depends greatly on what you charge and what your costs actually are, e.g. if you are paying rent but not seeing lots of clients then your costs per client are much higher than if you are busy. It is an excellent idea to work out what your profit per client is, because then you can work out what the impact is of just a few extra clients. 

Let's say you conservatively make $800 per client and you add just one extra client per month by taking this course and expanding your pool of prospects. That's an extra $9600 per year. Now let's say you put your prices up a little, you've got more expertise now so your advice is worth that extra. You see an extra 2 clients a week thanks to your new clientele. That could easily be  an extra $30-50K plus a year. But do your calculations and you'll see the difference it can make.

Which ever way you look at it, it's a very small number of new clients to cover the cost of the course and you are learning from someone who has real experience and expertise with not only sports nutrition but Metabolic Balance too. 

It truly is incredible value for money. And as any good athlete will tell you "you have to put the work in, if you want the results and whenever you do put the work in you get the results", so ready, set, go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to be a Metabolic Balance Practitioner?

The course does not teach you how to be a Metabolic Balance Practitioner. It is specifically a course that adds to and allows you to adapt your MB knowledge to athletes. We don't believe it would add much value to anyone who is not an existing qualified MB practitioner so we really don't want anyone to be disappointed. 

How long will it take? 

That's a "how long is this piece of string" type of question, but there are 20 lessons and lots of supplemental resources to work through, so you're likely to take anything from a rapid couple of hours to a full day of study and practice. Just remember there is no rush and you can come back to it at your own pace.

Do I need to be an athlete? 

While it may help you to relate to your client, it is not necessary for you to get the full value out of this course or to implement it in you practice and starting helping athletes very quickly. 

Do I need any pre-existing knowledge or qualifications in sports science or athletics?

No. All athletes are human beings and their nutrition is fundamentally the same as other human beings. I.e. your existing high level qualifications and experience in nutrition and MB are the only pre-requisites.  

Is this just about elite athletes, e.g. Olympians? 

No it's about anyone who takes their sport at least a little seriously. There is an emphasis on endurance sports but most types of sport are covered. 

A final note from Cherry

I just love how adaptable Metabolic Balance is. You all know how wonderfully it helps with so many health conditions. Athletes so often suffer from inflammation related injuries or conditions that curtail their performance or prevent them competing. They need your help! It really is win-win, you get access to more clients that you help, and the athletes get the support and knowledge that they are so often lacking. 

So if you are looking for a niche or just want to widen your reach and increase your variety I strongly urge you to consider investing in this course. I have certainly learned a huge amount from it myself. 

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