August 30

Helping couples to reconnect


Too often in society, stress and ill health takes in toll on relationships. When we feel tired, bloated, are in pain, feel unattractive, we can lose the vital spark that is so important in relationships. People become snappy and impatient with each other. Feelings get hurt because partners might say something from frustration that then gets blown up. Long term relationships need regularly nurturing and attention. This can seem really hard to do when you're just not feeling good almost all of the time!

In my experience I often see poor health as being an powerful driver of  increasing difficulties and strains in relationship. Which, as an incurable romantic myself just makes me so sad. So often we meet our long term partners when we were in our 20s. Typically health is pretty good. For many, our 20s are when we feel we looked our best, we feel young and sexy. Too often in our 30s, 40s and 50s health takes a back seat, weight creeps on, body aches and pains take hold, we feel old, unattractive and tired.

Is it any wonder that couples can drift apart or lose the spark that we need to ignite our passions. The love is still there but the mojo has gone AWOL.

Poor health is also expensive which leads to arguments over money too. We start needing all sorts of appointments for different problems and prescription meds. Physio, chiropractor and other procedures are all expensive and often so short term in their benefits. All too often inflammation from the wrong diet is constantly creating more problems which when you address these, naturally opens the way for real long term health to flourish

A typical situation is that couples in an attempt to reconnect will spend money on a break away but you're still taking your poor health and low self esteem with you. And you come back in much the same place as before.

Trying to connect with a partner who is suffering is hard. That suffering could be stemming from so many different places and it's hard not to take it personally when our partners reject offers of help or understanding. Also it's really challenging to fully understand what someone is going through when they are in pain, whether that's emotional or physical.

It's such a wonderful thing to be able to give two people their own individual nutrition plan which they can follow side by side and support each other in keeping on track. Getting back into balance together is just the best thing for a relationship. When you're both feeling good, life takes on a whole new perspective. Patience is the first thing that comes back. Couples want and seek out intimacy with each other again. It's so sweet seeing the spark reignited.

Health is the best aphrodisiac!

If you'd like to find out more about how Metabolic Balance can change your relationship, get in touch!


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